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We have added x130 screencaps of Izzy in the TV Movie 7.39 that was aired earlier this year …

We have another lovely interview with Izzy thanks to the guys over at The Fan Carpet.

It sounds like Izzy has been busy with her A Levels but just started auditioning again these past few weeks so we hope to have some new film news soon!

Ever wondered what your dog would sound like if it could talk? It seems that’s a question you should consider if your pooch shows any potential as a global superstar.

For if it turns out you consider your pet to be a kind of canine Cary Grant, you’re going to be disappointed when – in his first feature film – the director regards him more as a Kenneth Williams. Or even a Robbie Williams.

Ashleigh Butler, the human half of doggie dance act Ashleigh and Pudsey, has been through such angst. Her face contorts with pain as she describes the horror of listening to the accent David Walliams, who voices her beloved pet in his film debut Pudsey The Dog: The Movie, imagined he might have.

Pudsey The Dog: The Movie is out on 18 July.